Monday, December 14, 2009

♥The sweet escape♥

Hey people,
Its December already!
Our holidays are coming to end
and school's starting soon! :(

Don't panic,
Here's your last chance to party before school starts!

The Sweet Escape

Date: 2nd January 2010

Venue: Bandar Sri Damansara club, 2nd level pool (pool side party)

Time: 7pm-12am


Early birds
RM 25 per person
RM40 per couple [boy & girl only]

Pay on event date
RM 30 per person
RM 50 per couple [boy & girl only]

Performers - RM10 per person

Dress code: Semi formal

For more info visit here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

♥You're Beautiful♥

I have recently been watching this really awesome korean drama so me...haha(:
well,this drama is like a mix of Boys over flowers and Hana Kimi:D
you should really watch it:D i was seriously drag into this show
and i am NOW watching it haha

This show is about a girl who crossed dresses to replace her brother who got accepted in a famous band, her brother couldn't make it because he had some accident ,so to save her brother's future she pretends to be him until he comes back(:
does it sound interesting to you?
i hope pictures will help

and if you're an FT island fan,u should watch this show
u can see the crazy and cute side of Lee Hong Ki:D

im not gonna spoil the story for you
you should go and watch this show yourself:DDD
and im sure u will be drag into it as well
btw this show is quite famous in korea
if you wanna watch it clicky here:D
and the episodes have english subtitles so no worries

bye bye

Thursday, December 3, 2009

♥New Moon

Im going to 1u tomorrow with Jowy and Chiau Sien to watch new moon again
The 1st time it's with my family
so now with my friends
watching it the 2nd time wont satisfy me..
i watched twilight 3 times in the cinema last year when it 1st came out
so i must at least watch new moon 3-4 times cause hottie taylor is inside..haha
but the starting is boring because of the sappie emo scenes and i hate jacob's wig

look at must be kidding me...haha
he is seriously hot:D
most people which is in team edward changed to team jacob after watching new moon
cant wait to watch it again:D

My Special Day♥

Finally blogging huh?
After watching all my friends turn 15 it's finally my turn

After cheer practice yesterday we went to 1utama to celebrate my birthday..
we were suppose to karaoke at Neway BUT it didn't work out...
and JOWY don't be upset because the surprise didn't work still happy(:

and thank you to all the people who shared for my present
i love it BUT im having problems wearing it..
maybe it's because my ears are too small...
and i especially love the card JOWY made for me:DD
it made me laugh everytime i look at
Me:"Kyuhyun looks so cute in this picture" was the 1ST thing
i said when she gave me the card..haha

and thanks for contenging his shirt with my name jowy

and Lastly my most favourite page of the card

it seriously made me laugh everytime i see it
and jowy it is indeed the most special birthday card ever
and i wanna say thank you to everyone who wish me
thats all for now(:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

i'm back with a short post(:
im so excited cause


i hope i'll post the pictures up...
getting ready now:)
anyways TATA..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pictures from jowy's surprise party

Pictures from jowy's surprise party(:

Jowy's present:mp4

Jowy's surprise look(:and yeah that 's me at the side

Jowy eating cake:D


Take 1
Take 2

Take 3

The perfect shot(:

Take 4

Chiau Sien ran away :(

Take 5
Take 6

end of post.....

Happy Birthday idiot(:

HA! im back with jowy's birthday post(:
we made her a surprise party(:
and it worked this time,she had no idea:D

her surprise party was like this:

I told her that i will pick her up from her house and back to my hse and later we will take a bus to 1utama from my hse
SOOOO...i called all our friends to my hse and so when she come to my hse we will surprise her(:

thanks to all my friends who is willing to share her present and help out..
without their help this surprise party wont work..
thanks to:
Fabian,Thanesh,Ryan for buying the cake(:
and a special thanks to:
Christine who is willing to skip school for jowy's surprise party
and thanks to:
Pek shen
Cheng long
Kwok wing
Joon Keet
Chiau SIEN
Yi yin
Yi ynn

who is willing to come and surprise her
and thanks to those who cant come but is willing to share her present(:

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY thanks to edwin and me for planning this perfect surprise party for jowy...

Friday, October 23, 2009

oohh....gosshhh it's been months since i blog..
going to alot of parties recently..(:
and and and and

i'm officially going to KOREA(:

i've been waiting for this for a long long time... i'm finally going to korea...yay! gonna shop,shop and shop:D and buy tvxq souvenirs for myself and my friends... and jowynna im gonna buy you those fan with yunho's face on it..haha:D and now im counting down the days till i go korea omg i cant wait... and the fact that i will be in the same country as tvxq
(and i hope they don't go JAPAN on that week)
and im gonna visit micky's shop...
and guess what i've started to like super junior now...they're so funny and cute
and i love the magnae kyuhyun(:

love this picture of him,he look so cute here<3

Friday, July 31, 2009

My Group's Broadcasting:)
im happy with the video...
it took a long time to edit....
and we watch it 2 times in the bilik Tayang...
people said it was good:DDD

anyway here it is:

and here's the credit,bloopers and NG'S

Sorry,youtube mute the audio in my bloopers video,i use purple line by tvxq,avex need copyright...and that's bullshit...nvrm i try to solve the problem

Monday, June 15, 2009

5 - Se7en in la la la
4 - Rain in Rainism
3 - Seung-ri in Number 1
2 - Eric in Throw my fist
1..YUNHO in wrong number

oh my gosh, yunho you're so awesome... i feel so proud for him:DDDDDD
in your face rain...hahahaha... i syiok sendiri...(:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

IM off to cherating tomorrow(:..
Viknes is going there tomorrow also...i hope i'll meet her:D
anyway more picture will be taken..cause it's at the beach side
and it will be super awesome..and i will be comin back on TUEsday
i will be missing one day of cheer or maybe packing my stuff
now so see ya!!

bye bye:)

Friday, May 29, 2009

exams are finally over....(:
but there's more to come, trials and PMR
but now im gonna enjoy my 2weeks holiday:D
almost forgot,pictures on emily's birthday(:

nice birthday cake......and your 18 years old :D

her birthday present from me(:

anyway that's all for now

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy birthday



gonna update pictures tomorrow BYE BYE(:

Monday, May 4, 2009


exam is coming...

here am i now staring at the computer and not even touching my books :)
and its frigging PMR YEAR!!and mid term is near...aisshhh...
had to study FORM 1 AND 2 AND 3 all together ) :
today for the teknik menjawab...i was bluuurrrr...i never study..instead
i copied sebastian's answer :D
and we had to join class with half of 2 Jati :)
and guess what our teacher for teknik menjawab for maths is MISS ONG :)
but im okay with it...but 2 JATI is bluuurrr all the way..they were like
were being sarcastic by asking them if they had fun
and jowy had fun bullying 3.5(joon keet) with the rebens :)
im still trying to solve the rubix cube but still stuck :P
i've got many people to teach me but im still stuck at the same part
i shall ask Win sern to teach me again tomorrow...i think this is like the 5th time he's teaching me
im sorry win sern if im giving you a headhache
shall update soon :))
bye bye:)

Sunday, May 3, 2009



more yunjae moment:

♥love the stare :D

awwww...super cute :) *points down*

END (:

omo!! :)

OMO!!!many many YUNJAE MOMENT...HAHA!!
-in this video

i don't know how many frigging times i watch this video
but junsu is so cute in this video... :)

before i end this post let's hear it one more time...


Friday, May 1, 2009

electric gig


Venue : Kiara Room, Bandar Sri Damansara Club
Time : 6pm - 12am
Date : May 9th
Dress Code : None, but it'll be nice if you can wear anything that relates to our squad's colours of green, black and white. (:

Price (Performers) : RM15
Price (Non-Performers) : RM 10
Payment : At the door, but if you can pass the money to any one
of the organizers, please do so.

Provided : Drinks

Instruments (provided) :
Drums, Amps, Mics, Guitars and Bass.
(You may bring your own bass/guitars if you prefer)

for more info visit

buy electric t-shirt :)

buy this t-shirts :)
Please support our cheer squad by buying the supporter t-shirt :)

the shirt is in black and the wordings is in metallic silver :)
you can giv your name,class,money to Jowynna :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

the curve outing... :)

omgg...sorry this is so long time ago
i'll just post pictures... :)
i went to curve during holidays
with my usual 'gang'

ooopss...look who's sleeping...
if he found out i post his pic he's gona kill me... :)

Huey and Sien... =)

we've got nothing to we did this:



i did not write this :)

i did not write this either so don't kill me ivan :D

poh yen look here... : (

ivan hiding from my camera... :D


me and jowy
im eating lollipop....
im a lolliholic... =D
follow me...
lolli lolli oh lollipop :)
lolli lolli oh lolli lolli
:a song from big bang = lollipop

my only shot with csien turn out so dark :(


LAST shot of the day :

jowynna is a shopaholic :)

this is my huge shoppinggggg bag!! :)))