Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pictures from jowy's surprise party

Pictures from jowy's surprise party(:

Jowy's present:mp4

Jowy's surprise look(:and yeah that 's me at the side

Jowy eating cake:D


Take 1
Take 2

Take 3

The perfect shot(:

Take 4

Chiau Sien ran away :(

Take 5
Take 6

end of post.....

Happy Birthday idiot(:

HA! im back with jowy's birthday post(:
we made her a surprise party(:
and it worked this time,she had no idea:D

her surprise party was like this:

I told her that i will pick her up from her house and back to my hse and later we will take a bus to 1utama from my hse
SOOOO...i called all our friends to my hse and so when she come to my hse we will surprise her(:

thanks to all my friends who is willing to share her present and help out..
without their help this surprise party wont work..
thanks to:
Fabian,Thanesh,Ryan for buying the cake(:
and a special thanks to:
Christine who is willing to skip school for jowy's surprise party
and thanks to:
Pek shen
Cheng long
Kwok wing
Joon Keet
Chiau SIEN
Yi yin
Yi ynn

who is willing to come and surprise her
and thanks to those who cant come but is willing to share her present(:

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY thanks to edwin and me for planning this perfect surprise party for jowy...

Friday, October 23, 2009

oohh....gosshhh it's been months since i blog..
going to alot of parties recently..(:
and and and and

i'm officially going to KOREA(:

i've been waiting for this for a long long time... i'm finally going to korea...yay! gonna shop,shop and shop:D and buy tvxq souvenirs for myself and my friends... and jowynna im gonna buy you those fan with yunho's face on it..haha:D and now im counting down the days till i go korea omg i cant wait... and the fact that i will be in the same country as tvxq
(and i hope they don't go JAPAN on that week)
and im gonna visit micky's shop...
and guess what i've started to like super junior now...they're so funny and cute
and i love the magnae kyuhyun(:

love this picture of him,he look so cute here<3