Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Haha i know,its been almost a year since I last blog :)
Felt like blogging again so TADA!
My blog layout was so last year,so i decided to change it :D and so was my sidebar
I can't believe how lame I was last year.
Since i have barely anything to do,so why not start blogging again?

Im going back to Malaysia next week :D,how time flies
It was in April when i first moved to Japan and now its July :O
and in another 2 more months Im gonna start school.
Since my sister is on summer break,we are going on a holiday.WOOHOO!We will spend our first week in Malaysia then we will be flying to Amsterdam, where my uncle lives and then we will be heading to PARIS!!!Finally,I've been wishing to visit the city,I can finally tick this off my holiday checklist :D and the best of all i get to take hundreds of pictures of the eiffel tower.My obsession with eiffel towels has even made it my room theme ;)

  After four days in Paris,we will be heading back to Amsterdam,spend a week there and then we will be flying back to Malaysia.Spend two days there and then we will head back to Tokyo.There it is,my 3 weeks of holiday :D

 A sneak peak of my room : my collage board :)