Tuesday, December 8, 2009

♥You're Beautiful♥

I have recently been watching this really awesome korean drama so me...haha(:
well,this drama is like a mix of Boys over flowers and Hana Kimi:D
you should really watch it:D i was seriously drag into this show
and i am NOW watching it haha

This show is about a girl who crossed dresses to replace her brother who got accepted in a famous band, her brother couldn't make it because he had some accident ,so to save her brother's future she pretends to be him until he comes back(:
does it sound interesting to you?
i hope pictures will help

and if you're an FT island fan,u should watch this show
u can see the crazy and cute side of Lee Hong Ki:D

im not gonna spoil the story for you
you should go and watch this show yourself:DDD
and im sure u will be drag into it as well
btw this show is quite famous in korea
if you wanna watch it clicky here:D
and the episodes have english subtitles so no worries

bye bye