Sunday, May 26, 2013


After a whole week of exams,I had the chance to finally relax and spend a day out since my next exam is in a week.And the usual,the thing that makes me happy most,SHOPPING!I miss shopping.I would enjoy it even more if I had the money to buy whatever I want.BUT reality check,you can never get everything you want.Well at least for me.

To start off,my outfit of the day.BOYlondon tee, black and white print leggings and toms.

H&M Dressing room.

Body hugging dress,thought of getting it for the party this wednesday.And maybe for clubbing?if i decide to go when I visit home.
I really like circle skirts but i feel I can't pull it off D: 

I'm currently really obsess with tiger tees,or anything to do with tigers.So I bought it :D and it was cheap,definitely not letting it out of my grip ;).It was only ¥599(around Rm20).

Really interesting bodycon skirt I found,with fringes :D

I stopped by at Harajuku and bought this.If you know the brand Givenchy,this might be familiar to you.I was contemplating whether to get this or the shark version and this made me spent at least half an hour deciding which to get.In the end,I went with this.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


:( I wished you do.So much.



                                                               This sums up my life.

Friday, May 10, 2013

As Exams

Exams starts in 2 days.And we're so called on study leave,unlucky for me i have to come in to school 4 out of 5 days next week.I just hope I could at least stay at home for one day and do a proper revision without any distractions.The most annoying part of the week is that we have to carry out our sixth form duty at SPRING FAIR...when my exams are 2 days away.

There are somedays when we feel demotivated,and some days when you just don't give a fuck and some days you're just over sensitive and some days where you just cant help but feel depressed.Im at that phase,where nothing makes me happy anymore.And when I think Im happy,those depressing thoughts come back again.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Whip my hair.

Finally dyed my hair.I was kinda happy with the outcome,I wouldn't have manage to achieve this without the help from my gorgeous friend Lauren :).

Saturday, May 4, 2013


After this whole long week,I was glad it was Saturday.At the moment,we're all preparing for our AS exams which is in about 2 weeks.But as for me and my other classmates who's taking Art,were having our exams in just 2 days.I was practically freaking out the whole week,I have not decided and was unsure of what I was doing for my final piece.Seriously,screw creativity.I had my plans of buying my stuff for art and taking pictures for the weekend BUT I ended up shopping for the first half of the day -_-.I cant help it,there was a SALE in topshop.You know that hardly ever happens especially the topshops in Japan.
 Haters crop top.Not on sale but I was tempted to try it on :3

♥‿♥,this top screams meeeeeeeee.Lanie

Pretty bustier dress.

After all that trying,I got only the shorts though :/ 
After realizing I've spent too much time shopping,I went to Sekaido(the largest handicraft/stationeries/art materials store in Japan) to get all the oil painting colours I need and some Turpentine.These stuff cost so much D:,don't worry I'm not actually paying for it,the school is.One tube actually cost  ¥1733(Rm65).

Manage to buy other stuff from Sekaido.Stylish pilot pen only found in Japan,they're actually so smooth.My previous one ran out so I thought I might need extras since my exams are around the corner.New pens might motivate me to study,maybe?

Since I knew Im gonna come here often;with one more year of art for A2, I thought it will be a smart  choice to sign up for the member card.ANDDDD I did not regret the decision they have the best offer and not to mention,one of the most unique member card ;).BAHAHA