Monday, May 4, 2009


exam is coming...

here am i now staring at the computer and not even touching my books :)
and its frigging PMR YEAR!!and mid term is near...aisshhh...
had to study FORM 1 AND 2 AND 3 all together ) :
today for the teknik menjawab...i was bluuurrrr...i never study..instead
i copied sebastian's answer :D
and we had to join class with half of 2 Jati :)
and guess what our teacher for teknik menjawab for maths is MISS ONG :)
but im okay with it...but 2 JATI is bluuurrr all the way..they were like
were being sarcastic by asking them if they had fun
and jowy had fun bullying 3.5(joon keet) with the rebens :)
im still trying to solve the rubix cube but still stuck :P
i've got many people to teach me but im still stuck at the same part
i shall ask Win sern to teach me again tomorrow...i think this is like the 5th time he's teaching me
im sorry win sern if im giving you a headhache
shall update soon :))
bye bye:)