Saturday, March 20, 2010


OMG!i cant believe it it's today:D
im gonna scream my lungs out
i hope i dont lose my voice
Super show 2 in 3 hours~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


OMG i love his new hairstyle:D
say bye to his curly hair
he look so hot and it's just in time for the SUPER SHOW2 IN MSIA
i think i will go crazy when i see him:D
i cant stop spazzing over him he's just too awesome
this hottie is coming to malaysia on the 20th
can you believe it 18 more days and im finally gonna see him:D

im a GLEEK♥

I finally watch GLEE season 1 finish
it was hell awesome:D
since they are on hiatus till i don't know when
im still waiting for ep13 for 90210
which was on hiatus for 2 months=.=
come on im getting very impatient
they said they will be back on march

i walk like a duck now=.=
wish me luck for 4x400 tomorrow:D
eventhough i have cuts on my feet and muscle ache
i will still try my best and RUN (: