Friday, October 23, 2009

oohh....gosshhh it's been months since i blog..
going to alot of parties recently..(:
and and and and

i'm officially going to KOREA(:

i've been waiting for this for a long long time... i'm finally going to korea...yay! gonna shop,shop and shop:D and buy tvxq souvenirs for myself and my friends... and jowynna im gonna buy you those fan with yunho's face on it..haha:D and now im counting down the days till i go korea omg i cant wait... and the fact that i will be in the same country as tvxq
(and i hope they don't go JAPAN on that week)
and im gonna visit micky's shop...
and guess what i've started to like super junior now...they're so funny and cute
and i love the magnae kyuhyun(:

love this picture of him,he look so cute here<3