Monday, December 14, 2009

♥The sweet escape♥

Hey people,
Its December already!
Our holidays are coming to end
and school's starting soon! :(

Don't panic,
Here's your last chance to party before school starts!

The Sweet Escape

Date: 2nd January 2010

Venue: Bandar Sri Damansara club, 2nd level pool (pool side party)

Time: 7pm-12am


Early birds
RM 25 per person
RM40 per couple [boy & girl only]

Pay on event date
RM 30 per person
RM 50 per couple [boy & girl only]

Performers - RM10 per person

Dress code: Semi formal

For more info visit here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

♥You're Beautiful♥

I have recently been watching this really awesome korean drama so me...haha(:
well,this drama is like a mix of Boys over flowers and Hana Kimi:D
you should really watch it:D i was seriously drag into this show
and i am NOW watching it haha

This show is about a girl who crossed dresses to replace her brother who got accepted in a famous band, her brother couldn't make it because he had some accident ,so to save her brother's future she pretends to be him until he comes back(:
does it sound interesting to you?
i hope pictures will help

and if you're an FT island fan,u should watch this show
u can see the crazy and cute side of Lee Hong Ki:D

im not gonna spoil the story for you
you should go and watch this show yourself:DDD
and im sure u will be drag into it as well
btw this show is quite famous in korea
if you wanna watch it clicky here:D
and the episodes have english subtitles so no worries

bye bye

Thursday, December 3, 2009

♥New Moon

Im going to 1u tomorrow with Jowy and Chiau Sien to watch new moon again
The 1st time it's with my family
so now with my friends
watching it the 2nd time wont satisfy me..
i watched twilight 3 times in the cinema last year when it 1st came out
so i must at least watch new moon 3-4 times cause hottie taylor is inside..haha
but the starting is boring because of the sappie emo scenes and i hate jacob's wig

look at must be kidding me...haha
he is seriously hot:D
most people which is in team edward changed to team jacob after watching new moon
cant wait to watch it again:D

My Special Day♥

Finally blogging huh?
After watching all my friends turn 15 it's finally my turn

After cheer practice yesterday we went to 1utama to celebrate my birthday..
we were suppose to karaoke at Neway BUT it didn't work out...
and JOWY don't be upset because the surprise didn't work still happy(:

and thank you to all the people who shared for my present
i love it BUT im having problems wearing it..
maybe it's because my ears are too small...
and i especially love the card JOWY made for me:DD
it made me laugh everytime i look at
Me:"Kyuhyun looks so cute in this picture" was the 1ST thing
i said when she gave me the card..haha

and thanks for contenging his shirt with my name jowy

and Lastly my most favourite page of the card

it seriously made me laugh everytime i see it
and jowy it is indeed the most special birthday card ever
and i wanna say thank you to everyone who wish me
thats all for now(: