Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yay or Nay?

I have this urge to redye my hair,I kinda feel my used-to-be red hair turned into an orange?which is not a pretty colour.I really really want to ombre my hair again,the last time I did it It turn out pretty nice :3
but I had it cut off when I went back to Malaysia.Recently,I was inspired by 4minute's jihyun after watching the music video for their latest song,the first thing I notice was her perfect ombre hair.I really want to achieve that look,it'll sure catch lots of attention ;).First thing first,I have to dye my whole head a dark brown and then bleach the ends?

 My medium length hair and hair colour as of this moment.

My first Ombre hair :3,last year.

Gorgeous hairrrrr <3 nbsp="" p="">

   Whoosh....Its gonna be hard to achieve that.But I'll keep my fingers cross :D