Saturday, May 4, 2013


After this whole long week,I was glad it was Saturday.At the moment,we're all preparing for our AS exams which is in about 2 weeks.But as for me and my other classmates who's taking Art,were having our exams in just 2 days.I was practically freaking out the whole week,I have not decided and was unsure of what I was doing for my final piece.Seriously,screw creativity.I had my plans of buying my stuff for art and taking pictures for the weekend BUT I ended up shopping for the first half of the day -_-.I cant help it,there was a SALE in topshop.You know that hardly ever happens especially the topshops in Japan.
 Haters crop top.Not on sale but I was tempted to try it on :3

♥‿♥,this top screams meeeeeeeee.Lanie

Pretty bustier dress.

After all that trying,I got only the shorts though :/ 
After realizing I've spent too much time shopping,I went to Sekaido(the largest handicraft/stationeries/art materials store in Japan) to get all the oil painting colours I need and some Turpentine.These stuff cost so much D:,don't worry I'm not actually paying for it,the school is.One tube actually cost  ¥1733(Rm65).

Manage to buy other stuff from Sekaido.Stylish pilot pen only found in Japan,they're actually so smooth.My previous one ran out so I thought I might need extras since my exams are around the corner.New pens might motivate me to study,maybe?

Since I knew Im gonna come here often;with one more year of art for A2, I thought it will be a smart  choice to sign up for the member card.ANDDDD I did not regret the decision they have the best offer and not to mention,one of the most unique member card ;).BAHAHA