Monday, April 8, 2013

Confessions of a lovestruck teenager.

Racing heart beats.
Subtle glances.
Heavy foot steps.
Walking towards him.
And there comes the moment of truth.
I gather all my courage to say the one sentence that I had practice so much up in my head.
The awkward silence right before had made my voice jittery,unwilling to say whats on my mind ,afraid that he would react the way that I thought he would.

As I pulled him to the side,I toke a deep breath and lifted my scarf up to my chin,gathering
 all the courage I have left.
'I just want you to know that I like you'.....Silence
and his face was serious.'Are you surprised? I asked,breaking the awful silence.
'I already knew that you do,some people told me about it'
'Owh,you did?'I asked in surprise.

As he was about to answer, someone called out to him ,she dragged her bike and stopped right beside him and stood there glancing at both of us.
Our conversation stopped..and awkward silence starts to sink in.
I was beginning to feel annoyed at her,clearly not aware of the tense situation we're in.
As the sign of annoyance start to fill my face,I let out a sigh.
He noticed how upset I was and so he pulled me into a hug.
and then we left for home.