Saturday, April 27, 2013

Casual Saturday

Spend half of my day at school basically trying to catch up with my art sketchbook.Left school in the evening and went to our usual place,Shibuya.Had a fun but short karaoke session with my best chingu and then shisha soon after that.We got hungry after that so we stopped by at a british pub and had drinks and finger food.Couldn't ask for a better casual Saturday,it was a day well spent :)

My usual journey to school,and with an extra load;art sketchbook

Right in front of Forever 21 in Shibs :)

Revision in the 6th form common room.

George choosing his drink from the vending machine.

Random selfies in the school washroom.Glad that I was able to wear casual clothes;perks of going into school on the weekend.

                                                 KPOP karaoke with my best chingu :D


                                                       Seung Yeon-sshi being photogenic ;)

                                                                 Outfit of the day.