Sunday, May 26, 2013


After a whole week of exams,I had the chance to finally relax and spend a day out since my next exam is in a week.And the usual,the thing that makes me happy most,SHOPPING!I miss shopping.I would enjoy it even more if I had the money to buy whatever I want.BUT reality check,you can never get everything you want.Well at least for me.

To start off,my outfit of the day.BOYlondon tee, black and white print leggings and toms.

H&M Dressing room.

Body hugging dress,thought of getting it for the party this wednesday.And maybe for clubbing?if i decide to go when I visit home.
I really like circle skirts but i feel I can't pull it off D: 

I'm currently really obsess with tiger tees,or anything to do with tigers.So I bought it :D and it was cheap,definitely not letting it out of my grip ;).It was only ¥599(around Rm20).

Really interesting bodycon skirt I found,with fringes :D

I stopped by at Harajuku and bought this.If you know the brand Givenchy,this might be familiar to you.I was contemplating whether to get this or the shark version and this made me spent at least half an hour deciding which to get.In the end,I went with this.