Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Holidays

As you all know by now,I spent almost 2-3 weeks of my summer holidays in Malaysia and England.Took my flight back home the day after school ended and spend my first week back home mostly hanging out with my dearly missed friends.The week after that we took a 12 hour flight to London in the new airbus A380,the plane was definitely new and nice since they updated the screen to a touch sensitive screen and not to mention it's larger than the previous one.Got on our feet on the first day roaming around paddington and oxford street.I've only manage to sleep about 3 hours on the plane so I was too jet lagged to function on the first day hence the unenthusiastic face in most of the pictures.

  Too exhausted to stand.

Oxford Street.

The famous telephone booth.

         They have the best sandwiches at PRET's.Yummm


           Looking fresh after recovering from the awful jet lag.

      Paddington Station.

   And they say sharp at 11 to catch the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace.

Our day is not complete without our usual OOTD shots :)

Sketching=Art students life.

Hey there stranger.

Hyde Park.

Not so typical shot at London Bridge.

Theme of the day=Electric bolt and you'll see why.

Too excited :D

The famous Great Hall that appeared in every Harry Potter film.

The entrance to Dumbledore's office.

Awkwardly squished into the front seat of the car.

Butter beer was so good.I didn't expect it to taste that good.

You see me rollin you hatin.

Wooden Bridge.

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes at Diagon Alley

Amaze Beans.The set was so detailed and gorgeous :O

In ma sorting hat.


Platform 9¾ @ King Cross Station.

 British Museum on the last day.

OOTD:Shirt from Urban Outfitters,Jacket from GAP, Jeggings from Bershka and Shoes from DR MARTENS.

Last stop of the day,Madame Tussauds. The place was crazily packed,we couldn't even see the wax figures so that made me wonder whether there was no one direction wax figures or did we miss them?

If they have Emma Watson,where's Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Green?I was so disappointed.

 Favourite picture :D,although I didn't even watch the movie,I was really intrigued by it.

This has to be one of the longest post I've written in a long time,although I kept the amount of pictures at the minimal because I have too many photos from the trip which is up to almost a thousand.I was having a hard time filtering it to post on facebook.Thank heavens that was over.Okay right,after a week at London I flew back to Malaysia and had 3 more days till I head back to Japan.And here I am back in Japan.