Thursday, September 9, 2010

Movie review

Just watch step up 3 yesterday with my friends:D
it was blady awesome weiii!cant stop spazzing over their dance routine
but i didn't really like the main couple..
i prefer the cameo couple
Alyson stoner(Camille)and Adam G.Sevani(Moose) should be the main in my opinion
they were super cute:D
my fav part was when the step up 2 cast suddenly appeared
the chinese guy aka Harry Shum just make me go HOTTT:D
me and jowy were like retards screaming in the cinema
and caroline was alone spazzing over the main guy or whatever his name was..haha
overall it's a must to see...
I MUST buy the dvd and watch it over and over again:DD

'OhMyGod hot guy! hot guy!'